South New Jersey Today –

CAPE MAY, N.J. – Cape May has two new full-time police officers in town, and they share more than just a love for fighting crime.
Moving up from part-time patrol, a pair of twin sisters have joined Cape May Police Department.

“I’m very proud to have them as part of our department, and what it gives us is the flexibility to have a female officer on three of our four shifts,” said Chief Anthony Marino, Cape May Police Department. “In today’s day and age, we deal with all kinds of people, different races, genders, backgrounds. So to have female officers is very important, so we don’t run into conflicts when it comes to dealing with female arrestees.”

Officers Kourtney and Kara Brussell are originally from a dairy farm in Holmesdale, Pennsylvania. They went to Kutztown University together, each earning a degree in law enforcement, and they discovered the City of Cape May together, during an internship.
“We just love it so much, so thank God we got hired here full-time because I couldn’t imagine myself at any other department,” said Ptl. Kara Brussell.
“We chose criminal justice because we knew that it was a large field. Came down here and tried law enforcement, and like we said, we just fell in love with it,” said Ptl. Kourtney Brussell.

The sisters, who are about to turn 25, don’t usually work the same shift. But on or off duty, the sisters agree it’s nice to have their other half in town.
“I love it honestly, it’s someone I can look up to, and someone I can go to if I have any questions. Someone I can trust. I can trust the whole department, but it’s just a great experience to be working with your sibling.” said Ptl. Kara Brussell.
Even if that means sometimes getting confused for the other twin.

“You know, they’ll see me at like 7 a.m. and see her at 7 p.m. and be like, ‘wow, you’re still working.’ And I’m like, no, that’s my other sister,” said Ptl. Kara Brussell.
So next time you’re in Cape May, and you think you might be seeing double – two badges, two police cars, and two officers, it might just be the Brussell sisters. Individually unique, but together complete.